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A general list of some interesting upcoming conferences and workshops:


in 2021:

July 26-28: Workshop in Network Dynamics (Munich, Germany; online)

August 8-14: Dynamics of Waves and Patterns (Oberwolfach, Germany; hybrid format)

August 23-27: Dynamics Days Europe (Nice, France; all talks online)

September 6-11: Workshop on Diffusive Systems (Edinburgh, Scotland; online)

September 29 - October 1: DMV-ÖMG Annual Meeting (Passau, Germany; online)

September 30 - October 1: Stochastic Dynamics for Complex Systems (Vienna, Austria; online)

October 25-29: Conference on Complex Systems (Lyon, France)

in 2022:

July 11-15: Equadiff 15 (Brno, Czech Republic)

July 17-22: European Nonlinear Oscillations Conference (Lyon, France)

August 30 - September 2: SIAM Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures (Bremen, Germany)

August 29 - September 2: Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics (Vienna, Austria)

October 17-23: Conference on Complex Systems (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)

November 27 - December 2: Topics in Multiple Time Scale Dynamics (BIRS, Canada)

in 2023:

September 11-15: ENUMATH (Lisbon, Portugal)

in 2024:

July 15-19: 9th European Congress of Mathematics (Sevilla, Spain)

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