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A general list of some interesting upcoming conferences and workshops:

  in 2018  

August 22-24: Workshop on Stochastic Population Models on Networks (Munich, Germany)

September 3-7: Dynamics Days Europe (Loughborough, UK)

September 3-7: Int. Conference on Stochastic Analysis and Applications (Bielefeld, Germany)

September 9-13: Int. Conference on Control of Self-Organizing Systems (Warnemünde, Germany)

September 19-21: GAMM PDE Workshop (Stuttgart, Germany)

September 23-28: CCS Conference (Thessaloniki, Greece)

October 7-12: CRC TR109 Conference (Schorfheide, Germany)

December 6-8: Nonlinear Stochastic Evolution Equations  (Berlin, Germany)

  in 2019  

February 18-22: GAMM Annual Meeting (Vienna, Austria)

  March 31 - April 5: DPG Tagung - Sektion Kondensierte Materie (Regensburg, Germany)  

May 19-23: SIAM Applied Dynamical Systems Conference (Snowbird, USA)

July 8-12: Equadiff (Leiden, Netherlands)

  July 15-19: International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics (Valencia, Spain)  

July 22-26: SciCADE (Innsbruck, Austria)

  September 2-6: Dynamics Days Europe (Rostock, Germany)  

in 2020

March 16-20: GAMM Annual Meeting (Kassel, Germany)

July 5-11: European Congress of Mathematics (Portorož, Slovenia)

July 5-10: European Nonlinear Oscillations Conference (Lyon, France)

in 2021

March 12-16: GAMM Annual Meeting (Aachen, Germany)

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