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Course: Dynamical Systems and Partial Differential Equations

For all details on the course, please refer to the syllabus / course outline.

For the current version of lecture notes, click here.


For room/time see second page of updated syllabus above!


16.02.2015: Fixed a few (relatively minor) typos in the script. If you find any others, please report them. THX!

21.01.2015: I have posted the details about the exam; please see above.

14.01.2015: Sorry for the lecture cancellation today. Notes for today and next time are updated. We are going to have a reading/discussion lecture next time to catch up.

10.12.2014: Notes updated (with the missing +L(u_k) terms from lecture added on).

04.12.2014: Notes updated. Next time: new topic 'amplitude equations'!

12.11.2014: Updated version of the lecture notes online.

29.10.2014: Next time we start with 'waves'. Last good point to join the course.

29.10.2014: Established a bijective map between TISS and syllabus. New lecture notes online.

22.10.2014: Second part of lecture notes online. For further updates please check the file above, the notes will be updated regularly.

18.10.2014: Updated the rooms where the course is going to meet in the syllabus.

14.10.2014: Note the second lecture of the course will also be on the third floor, same room as last time

(reason: still construction works in Freihaus and relatively high attendance). If attendance is still high at the second

meeting I am going to book a larger room for further meetings. Also: The lecture notes for the first section of

the course will go online on this page after the second lecture.

07.10.2014: Note the changed room for the first lecture! (reason: construction works in Freihaus)

18.09.2014: Note the changed date for the first lecture! (reason: construction works in Freihaus)